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What is Tantra? Something I could talk about for a very long time.It is very diverse. The highest of all possible human goals is the attainment of complete enlightenment, an ultimate state of peace in which all obstacles obscuring the mind have been removed and all good qualities such as wisdom, compassion, and skillful means have been fully developed. 

To weave & expand.

Tantra is an ancient Sanskrit word, meaning “to weave or to expand.” Connecting yourself to you as one, having no goal, being in the now with your body and the universe. Living from the heart space, love.

– Do you want to learn how to channel your Sexual energy and enter Orgasmic States so powerful you can manifest More: love, peace, clarity, purpose, passion, pleasure, connection, intimacy, power, wealth, abundance, vitality, health?
– Do you want to last longer and take charge of your sexual energy in lovemaking?
– Are you ready to overcome Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation 
– To discover ways to come out of your ‘mind’ and back into your body: connecting your sex and heart?
– To awaken your healthy inner masculine/feminine and primal energy?
– To explore a new way to pleasure your partner and to take your lovemaking and expertise in bedroom to the next level?
– To try something new?
– To have a deeply relaxing and sensual experience held in pristine integrity?
– To experience deeper intimacy & connection?

If you answered YES to any of those or all, then Tantra is for you. It is a wholesome way of intimacy and connection with pleasure and you.


The sensual touch involved in tantric massage is very relaxing mentally, physically and even emotionally. It helps in stimulating blood circulation throughout the body and smoothening out knots and tension from the muscles. This creates an energetic and happy mood in the body that gives rise to very many physical and mental benefits. It can reduce blood pressure and contributes to longevity significantly. In men, it promotes good prostate healthy.  Tantric massage brings sexual healing. It does away with sexual inhibitions that have plagued one’s life for so long and holding them back in intimacy. Emotional healing is also part of the package of tantric massage. The feeling of well being promoted by this type of massage eliminates stress and consequently, all the conditions that come along with stress such as high blood pressure and depression.

A common misunderstanding regarding tantric massage is that it involves sexual massage. Contrary to this belief, tantric massage does not include anything sexual at all. It does however open your sexual energies up to encompass your whole spiritual self. Bring you pleasure to a more nourishing state and be more connected within yourself.

On how to book please follow HOW TO BOOK or the "Contact Me " page.  CLICK HERE

To book or enquire about a Tantric Healing session you will be required to send me as much details in the form of an introduction text or email. Please include things like name, reason why, what you are after etc...

Once I have recieved all information I will reply with a rate and discuss taking the next step in securing a booking.

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