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Welcome to the Temple of Tantric Love

This spot is for all Intimacy Tantric infused services

You will require a password for each section due to state laws these details cannot be shown publicly which is why I have them as private.

To obtain password send me text or use the contact form on my website here explaining where you found my website from and that you require a password for what service you are seeking. I dont accept half hearted requests due to the sacredness of the intimacy included within these sessions.

Mindful touch, healing, passionate erotic intimacy; push you to your sexual edge, grasping oxytocin & spreading it throughout your entire body mind soul and spirit. Not sure what that means? Old school loving & touch.

From quick interludes to longer lingering passionate encounters. From cuddles through to tantric bodywork weaving it into and heightening more within your body mind soul and spirit. Letting you leave wondering why it took you so long in organising it.

To view my Holistic Companion profile and read reviews and see more information in relation to this side of my business, please click the banner below this paragraph to head to it located on Dakota Dice.

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