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Reiki & Holistic Healing





120 minutes $250 Mala Mantra, Nidra & walking

Chakradance : 60minutes $200

Tantric Breathework $200 per hour


Reiki Chakra Rebalance & Sound Healing Massage, with Crystal card Reading

60 minutes $250

Whollistic counselling

First Initial Appointment $150 Hour 

$100 thereafter.


Reiki  & Holistic Counselling  Chat, with a Crystal card reading

2 hours $450


Cuddle Therapy & Reiki Massage

1 hour: 30 min Cuddles, 30 minutes of Massage $200

2 hours: 60 minutes of cuddles, 60 minutes of massage $300


*Holistic counselling chat to any of these add $100 per hour. 


*Sex Coaching is available, please see the information on Tantra page or email me with what you need help with.

There are many wonderful benefits of Reiki. Reiki is a very simple natural process, but usually produces profound effects. The main purpose of a reiki treatment is not only to support the physical body, but also to promote a positive mind so you can experience more joy in life and feel like you can manage your stress levels more easily. The great thing about reiki is that one does not have to be ill to experience the benefits.

Some come to Reiki to help with their energy levels, managing the stress of daily life or when transitions are happening in their lives. Others will come to develop themselves spiritually and experience a greater sense of meaning in life.


Reiki helps them to maintain that harmony so you can respond to life challenges differently.

After a treatment most people feel calm and relaxed, self loved and some say they feel energetic, clear-minded and productive, like they've had a mini holiday.

My sessions are hands on, combining a combination of light massage strokes and/or positions on chakras and Reiki zones to bring balance and a nurture back to your soul, releasing toxins that have been stored from ailments or issues that have not been dealt with. Bringing you to a state of relaxed meditation.

Reiki Circle

Every Sunday before a Full Moon I hold a Reiki healing circle for participants needing some distant healing and love back to their soul. 

This is a free event run virtually distantly. 

To be part of this please join my social media facebook page and look out for the post to add your name to it when it occurs. The facebook link is located on my contact page tab CLICK HERE

Meditation file to help with stress using breath.

Click Here for file

if you are after learning or incorporating meditation into any sessions I do cater for this also. 

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