Womb sisters Meditation

Connect to the Womb Heart.


Place one hand over your heart chakra (on the middle of your chest bone between your breasts) and the other hand over your womb. Theses are a women's two hearts.

Feel a figure eight of gold light connecting your two hearts. It will give you the strength you need when you are stressed out or simply need to retreat inward.

Now breathe gently into your womb space and make this sound... The Aramaic (the language of Christ and Mary) sound Meleet, Me on the in-breath, and leet on the out-breath. Meleet means " completeness, fullness," The complete circle of the womb.

Now breathe gently into your heart with the Aramaic word Min-Beesha. Min on the in-breath, Beesha on the exhale. Min-Beesha means ripeness, fruition, full of vitality, and life force energy.

Now sound them both Meleet Min-Bessha. Connect them both with the breath while gesturing the infinity of the figure-eight loop.

Thank you for joining me and sharing sacred space today sister. 🙏

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