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What she feels, whenever she feels it

The feminine desires to express ⁣, do you allow it?

what she feels, whenever she feels it ⁣, letting her flow

I speak of the feminine within us all quite often, so an inner relationship between your own inner Fem & Masc⁣ is important

And of course in a relationship between two polarities feminine & masculine ⁣is extremely more so

By-passing or discounting the feminines feelings ⁣is probably the worst thing you could ever do ⁣

It is like throwing fuel on a fire ⁣

The feminine is like the tides of the ocean ⁣

Forever changing ⁣, flowing

One day a calm blue ocean⁣

The next wild & raging ⁣, ever-changing with the emotions

Moment to moment changing feeling expanding responding to the universe through her deep intuitive feeling centre of expression ⁣

The masculine is there to contain, the water ⁣

To witness ⁣

Without judgement, shame, or blame⁣

When a feminine feels this ⁣She feels validated in her heart expressing ⁣:

She feels safe with you ⁣

She feels seen by you⁣

She can trust you deeper ⁣.

If masculine questions her every feeling, shames it, discounts it⁣ She will soon loose trust & shut down ⁣

And then slowly begin to bring her inner masculine to protect her heart, because she doesn’t feel you are doing this at all ⁣

Many masculines wonder: why won’t my feminine surrender to me?⁣

Take a look at how masculine you show up when she is in her full feminine expression of energy is in motion⁣

Masculine is consciousness - stillness⁣

Feminine is energy in motion ⁣

The two can & should dance together ⁣

The feminine through her feeling initiates masculine deeper into the heart & out of the mind to restore inner harmony⁣

The masculine through his penetrative consciousness clarifies her emotion & invites her deeper & deeper into her heart beneath each emote ⁣

They always meet in the heart through the dance of polarity ⁣

They both must be aware & devoted to honouring each other’s differences & seeing them as a blessing that is ingredient for true alchemy ⁣

So begin that dance that weaving together 💚🙏

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