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What is tantric massage

What is tantra massage?

The teaching of Tantra is very powerful, deep and has a positive effect.

"Dabbling" in Tantra is not tantra.

First we have to understand what is Tantra? People think that

it is some kind of oriental sexuality, or kamasutra or some wierd science etc

Here iclaritys some . Teachings of India are based on very specific texts. There is references that Tantra exits for thousands of years, some say 5000, some say even more. It is very ancient. It is not modern new age aproach.

Unfortunately, nowadays some people pick what they hear, they like and create goolash.

Tantra teaching is very specific, it was considered as a secret teaching. Just as another science, Tantra is science, we follow teaching right way if we want to know it. Teaching comes from lineage. It cannot be shared by short lectures, reading google, tantra speaks about mathematic, music, architectures, energies, vibrations, chakras, kundalini,and many many many more.

But what usually people think, when we say Tantra is, that tantra is all about sex. It is ridiculous. Sexuality includes only 5 -10 % of Tantra.

The authentic, healthy, tantric practice is called in modern time as a white tantra.

Tantra is a such incredible science. There are various aspects of energies.

I am trained in a vast range of energy modalities and techniques.

Everything is made of energy BUT there is one type of energy what is more unique then the others - The Sexual energy.

Sexual energy can create life, we all came from that. The point is that sexuality can do something incredible, it can bring life, it can bring everything.

Tantrics realized that sexual energy has very unique kind of power. So therefore would be wise if we would understand how this energy works. It is very powerful power inside us. In tantra it is everything what you can know about sexuality.

How to breath, how to squeeze muscles, how to reach orgasms, multiple orgasms, how to control it, how to use it, how to transform it.

It is great help if you want to improve relationships, improve life generally, be more happy, positive person, it can be a great help to heal your body, to bring more health, fitness into your body etc... If the person has sexual blockages, problem, abuse, issue, trauma... it can be removed by tantra, because those things will have effect on your life.

In tantra we look at it as a energy. We understand it as a energy, it is not good or bad, it is energy. Like electricity, you can use it for cooking your lunch or for burning house. We know how to work with this.

Originally, the tantric teachings, texts they do not talk about massage. Because that time lifestyle was very different than nowadays. People were not under the stress as we are, their bodies were in relatively good condition. Therefore massage was not so much neccesary. What is important nowadays is to use touch. To know how to use touch, to touch eachother, to massage eachother, not only on physical level but also on energetical level. To learn and to know how to move energy, not only within human body but also between eachother. Through that we can show how things used to be and how they are in modern time and how to use it and be successful in modern time.

This is teaching what i represent.

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