What I have learnt

I’m learning so much about myself during this period of life, more than what I thought I knew already.

I’m learning how much I enjoy indulging on chocolate and wine and sleeping during the day and many hours of Netflix

I’m learning that my family & friends mean the world to me and I really do have fantastic, supportive, comfortable and safe relationships with them.

I’m learning that the ease and contentment that I feel in my own company breeds strength and durability.

I’m learning that the work that I do is what lights me up, keeps me going and sets my heart on fire.

I’m learning that I like my creature comforts and I always land on my feet.

I’m learning how happy I am doing jack shit and not feeling guilty about it.

I’m learning that a lot of the things I worried about Before corona were actually very insignificant.

I’m learning that I could spend just as much time diluting myself and my energies through a mobile phone as I have done in person, if I allow it.

I’m learning what people and places I truly miss in this time as my soul craves nourishment as opposed to just what’s available to fill my space.

I’m learning that I like a lot... A LOT ... of time on my own.

I’m learning that health is so fucking important... but I’m not interested in creating a lifestyle concerned about it especially when it comes to my shell.

I’m learning to give less fucks.

I’m learning that humour is absolutely necessary for a good life.

I am learning that I am an inventive chef.

I’m learning that I’m the best fucking lover I’ve ever had.

I’m learning that most, if not all, of the above is sponsored by my privilege!

I am sending you the same vibes and please reach out to me as I have digital sessions which can help over this time.

Love, light and many blessings

Lisa 🙏💚

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