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Vibrate higher

Raising your vibration -

What does this mean to you? Do you know?

As all truths are relative to perception, the simple way to gauge this is by asking yourself how you feel.

Do you listen to your body, it says alot if you pay attention.

Do you observe your thoughts and the intentions behind them, as the energy you put out comes back to you.

Each and every person creates an EME field (Electromagnetic Energy), many of them in fact.

This is picked up by others as we travel along together in a sea of energy flowing into, around, and by each other in the eternal dance of life.

Science itself is the study into the possibilities of life, every branch of science looking for the why behind the why.

All things have duality.

The smallest quantum of electromagnetic radiation, a photon has positive and negative poles - this is science - this is energy.

Finding peace in the midst of apparent chaos,

Being aware yet unaffected,

Being affected yet unmoved,

Being moved without reaction,

Being human, Being spirit,

Simply Being.

We are all things

The light, the dark, the in between places - we exist is the grey as all things are a blend of all things.

All things placed, as they are for the purpose of self realisation.

Self realisation for the purpose of Oneness - No self.

Being in the moment is in my perception meditative.

Quieting the mind in whatever way you feel works for you, is your path to peace.

No one may argue against your path and any presumed disharmony is simply in the mind of those making the conscious choice to side step peace, in favour of unhealthy ego requirement.

Taking the time to focus solely on your breathing takes self control and discipline.

Setting aside 10 minutes morning and night to begin to construct a healthy habit for yourself.

If you cannot find a quiet place alone, use headphones- find a way.

The value of this cannot be quantified.

The growth and repair you can experience on physical and psychological levels alone is abundantly worth a little effort of your part.

When practiced and formed into a routine, and once the discipline to do so has been put into place - Peace of mind can be achieved in the midst of chaos.

In this flow state you are able to use any means you feel work for you, to raise your vibration.

Consciously choosing to change your mindset will raise your vibration.

Working on identifying the need to repair yourself on physical and psychological levels, and then putting the actions in place to do so, raises your vibration.

This is a deeply personal experience and not one for others to decide for you.

Conscious Choice -

Mindfully living your best life.

Blessings xx

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