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Thoughts of past week or two

I am finding more than usual ATM too many are judging one another without really knowing the other person. It's easy to do but if we take a moment to look at the moment it can be stopped.

When we look at a person's life from the outside, we see only the surface and

"Snapshot ". Kinda like a book cover.

Snap evaluation easily gives way to much unfounded judgement.

Let's look at ego. Ego can be healthy and unhealthy.

A healthy ego chooses to assess environmental and personal interactions with a positive light, through gratitude and uncondional love.

An unhealthy ego judges, categorises, and "boxes" by an often narrow perspective - filtered through perceptions formed in moments of pain/ trauma.

Trusting your intuition is a way to create healthy boundaries for yourself, without negatively projecting your perception on to others.

We can never truly know another's struggles.

When we choose to empathise (understand without projection), rather than sympathise (unhealthy projection of personal perspectives), we empower and uplift each other.

There is a difference between sympathy and empathy, a difference that can be especially felt by the energy sensitive.

Just because you feel sympathy does not mean you're functioning in your empathic gifts and abilities.

This can only be truly measured by intention.

When words are taken and used as catch phrases, without any real understanding of their meaning, it robs them of their power.

Words carry a vibration, they carry energy, and so all words have effect.

Be careful what words you choose to say, they may have significantly greater impact than you realise, and with lasting effect.

Much love

Lisa 💚

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