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This coming Valentine's day embrace yourself <3

Adults tend to think of Valentine’s Day as a time to revel in romantic love, but what if you used this day to simply celebrate yourself? Being single is good! 1 - Recognize love as something you always have. Instead of seeing love as a thing your family, friends, and romantic partner give you, truly embrace the knowledge that it is something you have within you at all times. 2 - Love thyself often. Think of your top three qualities, look in the mirror, and with each quality say, “One thing I love about myself is…” This is not a narcissistic practice, but rather a reminder to celebrate what you love in yourself. Love yourself emotionally and physically. Embrace your gorgeous body. 3 - Open your heart to others. Feeling good about yourself has benefits for others too. In relationships it can eliminate the tendency to cling to or control your partner’s love, allowing for a truer, deeper connection. You can open your heart more freely to others when you feel love for yourself from within. Recognizing that no one else can complete us actually enhances our capacity to love and receive the love of others. Love & Peace

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