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Take a moment to heal

We often hear “when you get out of a relationship you need time to heal” I think we all believe this is true but WHY? Many times human nature is to run right back into another relationship. But then that one fails. And the next one, and the next one. Usually in the same way as the others or very close. This is called codependency.

Codependency is being dependent on another to be emotionally complete and typically even if the relationship is harming you. So what’s the deal? Well the deal is the Law of Attraction and energy. We attract the same or similar energy we put off. Because we didn’t take the time to heal and increase our vibration from negative energy, we attract low vibrational energy. If we can’t stop THINKING about how we were hurt or we can’t stop TALKING about how we were hurt, we draw MORE HURT into our lives. If you’re stuck in this pattern It’s time to STOP. You must go within and heal or you’ll keep repeating these patterns. Typically at the root of these patters, what I call the vibrational point of attraction, is trauma. Many times this is unresolved childhood trauma. This is where you get the term “mommy issues” or “daddy issues”. It’s time to heal trauma so you can live your best life! If you need assistance please contact me. Much Love

Lisa 💛

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