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Stop and Sense

During this isolation period of covid-19 it's made me come to realise how much I throw myself into work and not allow myself to be still as much as I am able to I do now.

This stillness is essential to my wellbeing, I do tend to immerse myself in nature daily, finding refuge and soul nourishment in the simplicity of just being. But when I have time I'd always cancel my day and take myself off to my what I call my sacred space (see pictures below). I'd sit for hours just in immersion.

This practice becomes especially important whenever life becomes challenging... Within the embrace of nature, I’m most at home and find my centre and access a clear connection to source, inner peace... expansion and acceptance of what is and alignment with my intuition. Which is what I have only able to do now with the laws placed upon us of non essential travel.

In stillness, I hear the whispering of the wind aligning with my breath, the resonance of flowing water in my blood, the dance of fire as the sun kisses my skin and I feel the roots of the earth deep in my bones... my heart, my home.

With gratitude and clarity, I move forward on this ever unfolding spiral path...

Have you been struggling to find your centre in this time of great change?

We all have different ways of accessing Stillness for our souls... for some it’s cooking, others gardening, long walks, journaling, music, yoga, meditation, dance... this is only limited by our imagination. I do a blend of all mentioned above.

Here's a suggestion

* How do you access stillness?

* What are the ways that you connect with your inner wisdom?

* What feeds your soul?

* Allow yourself the opportunity to BE rather than always DOING

This will naturally adjust your relationship to time and creates spaciousness in your life to access stillness and your inner wisdom.

Please remember, you owe no-one your time and energy, it's okay to say no without having to justify yourself.


Lisa 💫🙏

(Photo I took before isolation of my sacred space I go to for respite )

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