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Social distancing and our struggles.

Struggling with social distancing?

I found a clinical study into the benefits of hugging, being a hug therapist and all, to help in the recovery of upper respiratory tract infections.

Hidden away on the pages of sagepub, it indicates that HUGGING CAN REDUCE THE SEVERITY OF COLDS AND FLU with social support and frequent hugging predicting "less severe illness signs". Makes sense doesn't it.

Social distancing is a very difficult thing to deal with at a time like this. However, there is good news, because there are other ways to boost your hormone levels and feel good.

One of them is laughter, so get those funny movies out, or even better, type Corona virus song into YouTube and see what you get.

These are dark times but laughter and humour can help your through. I promise.

Whilst physical contact may be a taboo these days, we can also connect energetically with friends. It's great to talk on the phone, but we can also spend time to simultaneously connect energetically.

I like to do this by connecting with my own navel while my friend does the same, and then setting intention to connect together and observing what happens. I have had some pretty interesting things happen while doing this. We can take this time as an opportunity to learn to advance our ability to energetically feel into the presence of each other and to send energetic hugs and love.

The most important thing is to find ways to stay positive.

Whether this be Netflix, nature, meditation or chi kung, art, make sure that there are things making you happy.

It's normal to feel sad, and important also to honour these feelings.

There is a lot of collective grief and sadness that we need to transform into courage and appreciation.

To help to strengthen your Lungs, use the sound ssssssss while breathing out a long and slow breath, allowing the sadness to leave your body. Then inhale back in white light and feelings of courage and appreciation.

This is an ancient chi kung practice that vibrates the cells in your Lungs and allows negative energies and particles to be released.

Have faith. Trust. 🙏💛

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