Root chakra quick tips 

ROOT CHAKRA NINJA- quick tips 4 masterful maintenance When the energy flow in your root chakra is activated, and also balanced, then you feel secure and grounded, when your root chakra is lacking energy, or if the energy is out of whack, then you are prone to feeling deeply insecure AND you are more susceptible to creating and attracting a sense of LACK and scarcity in your life. Here are some ninja tips ( that really work for me) to maintain your root connection and create more harmony in your life and finances. 1.Massage your feet Yes everyday, and especially at night if you have trouble sleeping. I really recommend getting one of those spiky plastic massage balls and rolling your feet over it a few times before going to sleep or leaving the house. 2.Feel your pelvis It is so easy to let the centre of your attention slip up into your head, don't let it! Keep it DOWN in your belly and pelvis, sensual yoga and chi gung and yoni egg practices all help you to activate your root with presence and energy. It really works! . 3.Nourish your kidneys If you notice yourself feeling drained or ungrounded simply rub your hands together then place them over your kidneys and BREATHE. Imagine that your kidneys are literally filling up with your breath. Just a few breaths later you will already feel more nourished and grounded. 4.If in doubt, find a tree and lean against it and BREATHE. BE the root chakra ninja who knows how to create deep balance in her body and life.

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