Release and Renew

This blog post is written whilst my toes squirm amongst fine beach sand and hearing the waves crash before me and seagulls sing the song above.

This year has been a pivotal year for me.

The next couple of weeks will serve as an important and necessary transformational phase and it is vital we are prepared for this shift. Here are a few ways to release the residual karmic energies of the last decade and create an opening for the new experiences and opportunities coming our way in 2020. Clearing out our living space is a powerful way to kick-start a flow of energy that helps keep our mind calm and clear and also invites fresh positive energy to enter. As well as clearing old energy from our personal space, we can also do the same with our electronic devices. We often keep hold of old messages or contacts or particular quotes that held intense emotional meaning at a certain time in our lives. As we move toward a new year, this is the opportune time to remove anything that is triggering painful memories that we would rather not be regularly reminded of. If our phone is filled with text messages, photographs or hurt and torment from the past, we can take a few moments to delete whatever causes discomfort or turmoil and clear the energy so we release whatever was not meant and start optimistically looking ahead. The easiest and most healing way to let go of the past is to forgive. This means forgiving ourselves along with anyone else who may have caused us turmoil. Whenever we hold onto resentment, we remain energetically connected to the person with whom the encounter involved. By letting go of any negative emotions, we also untie the knot that was subconsciously holding us hostage. When we forgive, we effectively release and let go. Focus time and dedication on finishing any projects that have been started or that are halfway completed. Anything that we have been procrastinating will need some kind of structure so we can release the energy caught up in it, even if all we do is make a plan with a realistic deadline

Majikal blessings

Lisa 💫

Pic of my view

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