Meditation before sleep Meditating at night releases stress and calms the mind which allows for a deeper sleep. It also brings awareness into your sleep state causing vivid dreams and astral projection. Here's a simple technique I have taught some clients. Rest your healing hands on the belly. Move your awareness there. The Breath will soon follow. Use the breath as medicine to relax and loosen your stomach and belly area. . Use your breath as medicine to move a healthier current of energy through your belly. Inhale soften. Exhale sigh! Dormant, stagnant, anxious, tight energy can easily accumulate as we bump up against life. I often check in with my belly as a gauge for how much impatience, resistance and anxiousness I'm holding in my body. May you be your own medicine, one pause, one breath and one healing ritual at a time. xox Lisa 💋 #weeklyritual #meditation #breathe #be

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