Relationship blocks and chakras

Symptoms of Relationships Blocks in Your Chakras: 1) Root Chakra - Constant Fear for Partner's Safety, Lack of Life Energy, Activity in Relationships 2) Sacral Chakra- Ordinary Sex, Lack of flirting, playfulness, Annoyance from conversation with partner 3) Solar Plexus Chakra - Aggression, Irritation, Jealousy, Control and a will to dominate, Over-emotional arguments 4) Heart Chakra- Constant resentment, Faultfinding, Non-acceptance of a partner, Misunderstanding of own's and partner's feelings 5) Throat Chakra – Disrespect, A will to change a partner, Failure to express true emotions and feelings 6) Third Eye - Lack of Trust, Double Checking of his/her actions, Lack of Support of each others' dreams and visions 7) Crown Chakra - Lack of awareness of spiritual meaning of relationships, No motivation to grow together Often many of relationship problems come from the wrong understanding of what we give and what we receive in a relationship.

We exchange energy in our chakras.

When we understand what kind of energy we give and receive, the roles in a relationship becomes very clear. Of course, every couple is unique, but we as women and men often have similar needs.

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