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Once upon time I was Goldilocks 

There's a time where myself was conditioned with societal norms of being in my feminine state of appearance looking perfect shoes on point hair and makeup in alignment of beauty industry padded pushup bra. matching lingerie how I spoke, dot i's cross my t"s not standing up for oneself, hushing your voice How torturous! And all cause it basically falls down to meet the standards of meeting the approval of men and how women should look when being sexy and being in their feminine. NO! Being that to validate that I am sufficient in my feminine state to meet that is ludicrous. Being a sexy woman isn't about material items or perfect hair or lipstick. Tantra however, taught me that being in my feminine is about much more than what I look like. It is about having an open heart and feeling Radiant from the inside out. Let's pray men step up and become more in touch with this. So many women set forth on a mission to appear more feminine by changing their hair, their body shape (with diet or surgery), their shoes and handbags, and even their tone of voice. why I ask? why change who you are ? be you. be the beautiful you. Being in your feminine is about living with an open heart - receptive, surrendered and sensual. Embracing the wholeness of you. Tantric lovemaking teaches us this. When I say lovemaking, I don’t just mean in the bedroom having westerner societal norms of sex. When you are in your true feminine essence, you are making love to all of life! you're embracing you and your soul and loving it as it is, accepting it fully. As for men, a lot of men think being in their masculine just means getting shit done. Being the man of the house. Not showing emotions. This does create polarity, however a deeper part of polarity for a man is when they can ravish us with their penetrative energy and understand that, just like the heart Being in your masculine power as a man means not only penetrating into the world, but also, penetrating a woman with love, receiving from your heart and channelling that through your c... Understand the difference? Get to know it. It'll change your life.

To learn book in a few Tantra sessions 💚

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