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On healing

All wounds, trauma, dis-ease have an emotional basis. Someone asks: "When you are in a very traumatic situation. Does that mean you have to love the situation AND to love the internal feelings about the situation? bypass those feelings?"" No you feel the feelings that arise and drop the story of why and how you are being wounded, to do this. What does it feel like in your body as a visceral experience? When you have done this, really been with what is going on within you, without any judgement of “right or wrong”, just allowing it to be Present. You say “Thankyou I see you, I feel you, I acknowledge you, and I honour you my body for reminding me”. Then watch as the feeling begins to change or move to different places in your body. If you are simply watching it will begin to CHANGE, to SHIFT to LESSEN even a little. Then take the opposite feeling. What does that feel like? For example if it is "sadness" then take "Joy". What thoughts and memories of events bring up that opposite feeling (joy)? How does it (joy ) feel in your body when you think of a triggering past experience of it? You have then generated the feeling you desire to have, that brings you feeling of joy, liberation, excitement.....etc. Sense it, feel it, imagine it. Cultivate it, practice generating it. It will get easier and easier to produce it at will from your intentions to feel it. You are not suppressing the initial emotional/ physical experience. You are allowing it to run its course through and out of your body and generating the internal "motion" and experience that heals the wounds of the Heart. As you consciously do this generation of feeling you will then have the place to go when thoughts and feelings of what you do not want are triggered. This is Complete Healing. Everything has a frequency of experiencing and we always have the choice. It is entirely our experience. I So Love You **************** PS A Big Clue: Building a stronger easier, more rhythmic and friendly relationship with Being in your body is a key to being able to run e-motions through your body with greater ease. Even a regular rhythmic daily “Happy” walk in nature will will do the trick. “Healing” is all about BEING HAPPILY FULLY PRESENT in and with your BODY.

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