Ojas shakti- 2 ways

Religions noticed, that we are losing our ojas shakti by s3x which is not tantric. The more we are losing ojas shakti, the more we are losing our spiritual drive.

The principle of ojas shakti is described in yogic texts as a BRAHMACHARYA.

Brahmacharya literally means "control over the s3xual energy." If we can control our s3xual energy, we are not losing it. Does that make sense?


There are 2 ways how to practice brahmacharya


Celibacy - you are not sexually active at all.


What if we could learn the way of s3xuality where we do not lose ojas and be still s3xually active?

Yes, there is a solution: Sublimation

Sublimation is a process during which we are taking energy from lower chakras-Muladhara, Svadisthana and Manipura- and transforming it and directing upwards to the higher chakras.

Which way do you choose?

Celibacy or Sublimation?

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