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New year *blergh word *

This time of year starts all those people who start asking that infamous yearly question...

what is your new year's resolution?

I cringe everytime I see it or am asked it. why should we focus on a whole year when we haven't even lived it yet. why must we put this excess pressure on ourselves for a future moment that hasn't even started.

to me resolutions is related to rectify differences between people. if that is the case then so be it. but don't make it a goal. make it an everyday communication with people to make sure what is being said isn't interpreted differently to how you want it to be.

if you are a person who desperately needs to have a new year *insert whatever word resigonates* then see the following as helpful advice.

learn to let go of the past. the past has occured. dealt us what we need to learn. learn from it and move on.

embrace the future. make weekly goals or bucket list for each month. things you want to achieve. that are achievable.

suggestions: learn that musical instrument, take on a hobby, deal with trauma, cook more healthy foods, do things that make you smile and learn to love you first.

Most important though, if you don't achieve it all who really cares, are you still alive breathing have a house to live in a bed to sleep in food to eat people who love you... These are some of the things that are way more important. Just try again next week or month. Always remember you can do it.

present. the most important factor. learn to live in the present. wishing to be too focused on the future and goals can make you forget about what's actually around you at present time. don't miss these moments. cause these moments create the future you.

wishing you the best 2021.

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