Mysterious attractive woman, how?

Is it playing hard to get? Keeping herself private? Pretending to have a busy life? Endless pictures or selfies? Being a boss lady who can put anyone in place? Wearing provocative clothes?

All of those behaviors are coming from the wounded little girl inside of us that is desperate for love, attention and approval.

As we transform and reconnect to Divine Wisdom, we rediscover who we really are; unapologetically and at our authentic core.

Your Divine Feminine is actually the succulent confidence that exudes from the depths of your being. It is the way you take care of yourself, the way you carry yourself, the way you speak to yourself, the way you feel yourself, the way you make love to yourself, the way you honor yourself, it is your self-awareness and the way you interact with others and feel their energy.

It's your self-love, self-appreciation, your innate value. It is the radiant glow that comes from within based on the relationship you developed with yourself. It is how you see yourself, your unique view of yourself projected to the world that cannot be replicated, taken or tamed. It's also your sensuality and the way you feel your own energy; the bloom, flavors and textures of life flowing in your body.

This feminine energy is the way you perceive yourself and how deeply you are in love with who you truly are. The woman who knows herself and has tapped into this, is naturally charming, mysterious and captivating; being herself is what makes her unique and rare.

So, it's not about the avatar playing a game,, its not about putting on an illusion, which is short-lived and it's screaming for help and attention. It's allowing the many layers of your essence to flourish and blossom as you exhubarate and embrace them. This feminine energy is a soft and gentle whisper that radiates in easiness as it flows through your vessel.

She is already there, buried underneath the pile of guilt, pain, shame and negative stories you may have been sold on over the years. Reclaiming her will shed all those painful layers, and awaken the magic which is a divine right to all of us.

Loving you, embracing and embodying your uniqueness, inimitable beauty and radiance from the inside out.

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