My fur boy 💙

I um and er whether to post this in here but thought meh just share. This week on Tuesday my lil mate- bestie-my lil fur love passed away. I saw his mum bloom when he grew inside her and was there the day she gave birth. I used to always be greeted by him with rolls and vibrating meows head butts and tail sweeps. Him leaning on the bedroom door to wake me up for toilet time/food. It's been a hard rollercoaster this week. Today I managed to crawl out of my confinement and see clients but then tonight I crumbled like a piece of paper once again but worse. Cats , they're unquestionably unique way of connecting with us is nothing short of soul love As a spiritual soul I know his energy has moved on to more exciting pastures I'm sure and he will definitely always hold a section of my heart . RIP Buddy 💙

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