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Moving chakras through manifestation

Manifesting through the chakras - Moving down the manifestation energy Crown chakra – connecting individual consciousness to universal consciousness. Third eye chakra – visualisation. Seeing within the third eye what the two physical eyes cannot see because it is not manifest yet. Seeing new places, eating new foods, walking new streets etc Throat chakra - where vision truly will take shape.This is where many of us repeatedly get stuck. It’s fairly easy to dream and visualize. It’s much harder to express those visions out loud. We fear what other people will think and it feels much safer to keep our dreams and visions to ourselves. Heart chakra - where it needs the power of connection and love to continue to manifest. Remember to show yourself love throughout the manifestation process, particularly as we move down into the third chakra space. Shit will happen and the going will get tough, but if you can stay kind to yourself you can make it through. Solar Plexus chakra space - This is the chakra of doing; of taking action. Along the way you will encounter obstacles and frustrations. This is where the power of the sacral chakra comes into play. Sacral chakra is our seat of creativity and fluidity. We had to think creatively to move around those obstacles. We had to flow with the frustrations in order to come out on the other side.

And then finally your thoughts will descend into a goal and will manifest here on the earth, the space of the Root chakra.

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