Masculine versus Conscious Man

Secred Divine Tantra Vidya Explains...

Nature Of Masculine And


A masculine man throws his weight

A conscious man has the patience to wait

A masculine man uses his size and big voice

A conscious man is wise with his voice

A masculine man defeats his enemies and foes

A conscious man works through his obstacles and fears

A masculine man wins the prize

A conscious man earns the right to what he admires

A masculine man destroys all who oppose him

A conscious man wins the admiration of his opposition

A masculine man sees life as a challenge

A conscious man sees life as a responsibility

A masculine man views relationships as leverage

A conscious man treats relationships as synergy

A masculine man sees his woman's problems and solves them

A conscious man feels his woman's feelings and dissolves them

A masculine man commands respect

A conscious man respects his woman

A masculine man dominates

A conscious man knows his woman is indomitable...

Conscious behaviour = Purity of unity within🙏💫💚

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