Make yourself a priority

"I don't have time" is the best lie we tell ourselves, daily. That's the excuse so many people make when it comes to ritualizing self care.

How hard is it to carve out time in your day for yourself?

What are you fearful of losing in that one hour that you give just to your own well being?

Who walks away? Are you supposed to have any of it if it leaves you so easily? We spend every moment working for someone else's dream, well being, safety and thoughts, what is it all for if you can't get 1/24th of the day to yourself? The real answer might be one you don't want. You have time for meditation. You have time for a walk. You have time for reading. You have time to sit in silence. You have time to heal yourself. You just don't believe you deserve it.

We MAKE time for the things we love.

Are YOU one of those things?

Blessings Lisa 💋

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