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Locked in rawness

Grab a cuppa and sit with me.

I'm not looking like the photo attached but til then I'm sipping my granules of warm milky coffee, wrapped up in my minky dressing gown staring at the new day that is embarking on me at this very moment. The stillness of mornings. Through my window.

How are you doing? What thoughts have been racing through you? Do you need arm to lean on?

Me Myself and I feel centred and at ease.

This is probably the first time feeling like this in years. I feel a little guilty saying this, my head isn’t wedged in sand and I don’t want to by-pass all the challenges and pain that is being experienced around us.

But this pace of life really suits my nervous system. Being an Aries who rushes around keeping busy usually.

From a very selfish standpoint I feel that my environment has finally dropped into alignment with me and I’m no longer battling against a world that moves at 200mph that I can never quite keep up with, even though I try and succeed at surprisingly.

It's been quite funny though feeling all the sensations of being a healer, a cuddler and a sex therapist lowering my oomph so to speak to now just being me. It's been a ride over the past month or so.

I miss cuddles. No, wait. I miss being tenderly held by a lover. Yes, that’s it. Tenderness. I haven't missed the greediness of those consumed by egos.

Pondering thoughts though, I’ve been dreaming of romantic partnership. Actually dreaming in my sleep. I haven’t had physical contact with another human being in over a month. I haven’t had lovership for much longer. Do you know the difference?

I have a lot of energy... not the kind of energy that can be burned off by going for a run ( and I'm not a runner anymore).

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, a part of me that’s not being fully expressed perhaps... the extrovert in me finally being allowed safely to emerge.

Then there's the part that really desires to be seen. I’ve been dancing wild, ugly primal moves and it seems to help. I'm glad only my cat sees this primal blueprint of my rawness.

I’m feeling pretty focused and motivated though (the latter took a while to drop in and still waxes and wanes like the moon) but I’m relishing in more creativity, productivity and drive while it lasts!

I am though a bit concerned about how I will be when this all changes. Will I want to go back to where I was in life. This is my battles I'm going through currently.

But til then info and bookings is via the links in my website or drop me an email or a sms and get in touch for a chat!

Love from me, Lisa 💛🙏❣️

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