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Let's talk the F word, for women

FOREPLAY FOR WOMEN I thought it was about time as a sex holistic soma sex therapist I did some posts in relation to the what some of society is unfortunate uncomfortable with talking about...

Foreplay to a woman is NOT groping, pleading, a little petting, 30 seconds of oral and a few minutes of heavy breathing before switching positions to prove you're throwing in some variety. Nor is it an act of helping with the dishes in exchange for sex 15 minutes later cause " you deserve it" Foreplay for a woman is about the 'being' of a man, her king, her god, her lion and begins the moment the previous act of sex ends. It's curling around her and holding her mindfully rather than rolling over and going to sleep. It's getting her a glass of water, a towel, bowl of fruit or cup of tea or heck even massaging her without expecting anything in return. It's the habit of making her coffee in the morning, joining her in the shower or letting her sleep in while you make the kids breakfasts and pack the lunches. It's the kiss at the door that lingers and the grab he always sneaks in that says he finds her irresistible and can't wait to get back. It's the text he sends from work to say he was reminded of her when he passed the little Vietnamese place she loves so much. It's the house cleaner he surprises her with the day before her parents come to visit. It's way he stops to help someone stranded at the side of the road. It's the way he drops a project and spends time with his son or takes his daughter shopping for a new pair of shoes. It's the way he notices the moment his woman walks through the door, or across the room and how he appreciates her small gestures of love. It's in the way he listens, how he respects her intuition and embraces her emotions, especially the days she can't explain why she's so upset. It's the way he makes her feel safe and holds her rather than stepping away when he doesn't know what to do. It's the way he looks at her and says, "I don't know what you're feeling right now, but I'm here until I know you've got what you need."

This my friends is foreplay . Unconditional, mindful, selfless acts of love.

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