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Let's talk Meditation

New week. New possibilities. What are you drawing in?

I don’t speak of this as much as I should on my page because the majority of my focus is energy balance or se~ual wellness;

But, I am also a certified Meditation teacher, utilising the breathe thru Tantric energies.

What if I told you that if you took atleast 5 minutes each day sit quietly, mindfully and breathed you were actually doing some Meditation...and also over time of doing so you would start to feel lighter, happier, peaceful and be able to manage stress or anxiety levels? You would want this yes? Of cause you would!

Unfortunately, the word meditation is intimidating to many people, so they avoid it. They avoid it cause they mainly place it in the too hard basket.

The benefits of the practice are life-changing, and it doesn't have to seem like such a daunting task. Trust me on this.

So here are some easy tips on introducing Meditation into your daily dose of self love

But if you still find it a tad difficult get in touch and book in a Meditation class with me🙏

Now, turn off tv and phone. Turn on some peaceful music. Light a candle or incense.

.▪️Find a quiet space

.▪️Sit in a comfortable position- crossed legged, on a pillow/blanket, on your knees

.▪️Close your eyes or have them slightly open if you choose to watch the candle flame

.▪️Let your hands rest gently in your lap or on your knees

.▪️Lengthen the spine, relax the shoulders, and slightly drop the chin

.▪️Release any tension you may be holding in your body (face, hands, shoulders, neck)

.▪️Focus on your breath- how it feels, sounds, the pace, the depth or shallowness of each breath

.▪️Then, create a more even pattern of breath- Inhale 1, 2, 3, 4 and exhale 4, 3, 2, 1

Drawing your breath up from your sacral chakra to your heart chakra

.▪️Repeat this breathing for 21 breaths or more

.▪️When you are finished, slowly open the eyes and go on with your day!

You have just meditated! congratulations 💫

Stop, Breathe, Relax Love & Light, Lisa 📲 0422056021 E:

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