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Tantra sees sexual experiences as not a friction of genitals but a way to open the heart and nurture the spirit.

Sexuality is not a practice for pleasure only, but it’s rather a spiritual practice.

Given that desires are just an illusion, it teaches you how to use such energies to wake up and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Of course, Tantra requires a high level of spiritual commitment.

The act of becoming one with someone else, the act of merging with someone else and sexuality in all its forms can be tricky.

Here’s a metaphor to explain: On the top of the hill there is enlightenment, Tantra is a short cut that goes directly up, without making any curves to sweeten the slope. It’s as quick as dangerous. But playing with pleasures without having a high level of spiritual commitment (pure intention) can mean you slip and fall back to the bottom of the mountain.

That’s why your consciousness, awareness, intention, commitment and purity in this practice is so important.

So please be respectful of this and not say you're tantric trained when you aren't. Do your study correctly.

Tantra is a beautiful wholesome way of life that should be respected with love and authentication

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