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Let's delve into the lotus

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female gentalia ( vagina ), and it translates to “a sacred space.”; representing the goddess Shakti.

In tantra, yoni massage is a ritual of feminine divinity.

Now to understand tantra yoni massage in simple terms.

Yoni Massage is about awakening the goddess in you and helping it to transcend. It's the integral part of Tantra massage practice and plays an integral part in the kundalini awakening process.

A regular normal massage involves the kneading of your muscles and joints to relax them and ease the pain through various massage strokes.

Tantra massage, on the other hand, is a unique type of massage that uses energy and chakras to break physical boundaries and bring someone into a deep, relaxed state.

Yoni massage involves massaging of the female genitalia and the energy points connected to it. The focus of Yoni Massage is usually to awaken your energies to the uppermost hierarchy of the energy system.

It is very easy to confuse this with a sexual massage, which only focuses on releasing the lower level of the energy system.

The goal of a yoni massage isn’t necessarily to have an orgasm, often women can get emotional during and/or after the massage because of what is coming up for them.

The experience would help one to implode the orgasm versus having an explosive orgasm through breathwork, meaning instead of releasing the energy out, keeping it within one's body that equaled a full body orgasm.

A yoni massage approaches the vagina as a revered part of the body, worthy of respect and honour.

Although orgasm is possible, it isn’t the primary goal.

It is completely fine with one attaining climax during the process. You may even experience multiple orgasms, especially as you develop your tantra practice.

But that doesn’t mean the practice has to be arousing. For many people, the practice is more emotional rather than sensual.

To get the most out of it, try to release your expectations.

Focus your energy on what you’re feeling and be open to exploring the different sensations.

Yoni massage immensely helps people suffering from emotional distress or trauma.

Even though it may sound way out of one's comfort zone, it is one of the most powerful healing practices for a woman. It is simply incredible how much pain, tears, and fears one keeps in their yonis. This is the most receptive part of a woman's body.

For further information feel free to contact me 😊

Lisa 💛🙏

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