Keep Positive

As the world around us shuts down and we are required to take shelter in our homes. We can use this as an opportunity to cultivate the sacred and meaningful through mindfulness. If the world is enforcing social distancing and isolation, embrace it! IDEAS * Intentions/Mindfulness ~ please don’t feed the fears! Wherever you focus your attention, energy flows... Don’t let yourself get caught in the whirlwind of panic. * Breathe ~ nice full breaths will help you stay in your heart centre * Exercise ~ use your time to establish some new healthy habits * Plant seeds in your garden - growing food is incredibly empowering! * If you’re renting or don’t have a yard, you can still create a garden by using pots * Consider all the things around your home that you’ve been wanting to do, yet haven’t had the time... now’s your chance! * Spring clean your home ~ clearing out any stagnant energy. Release clutter, let go of anything unwanted or unused. * Study Online ~ what’s something you’ve been wanting to learn? * Self nurturing ~ what does this look like for you? * Avoid getting caught up in fear-based media * You may need to avoid other people, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid fresh air ~ get out in the fresh air, explore beautiful places in nature. * Nature is the best medicine! I wish you all good health. We’re all in this together. Let’s focus on helping each other through this.

Love and Blessings



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