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I love me, do you?

After a holistic counseling client today and many others whom share the same notion of what they believe love is I thought a blog writings is in order.

Grab a drink and settle into your chair but before you do go stand in front of the mirror and ask you, yes yourself "do I love you?" What do you feel when you ask this?

I often here advice about how to get or keep a man. It can range from bizarre beauty tips to how to completely twist your personality or pretend to be someone you are not, to perhaps less benign advise that still involves completely overriding my purpose as a woman and essentially putting up with bad behaviour. Thing is, my life is all about me. Sure, you other guys are important, don't get me wrong, but I am the centre. I was put here to walk my path not yours. I spent most of my life thinking I knew what love was, thinking I was giving it to others and perhaps even being abused in return, but I didn't even know what love was. Not until I learned to love myself. You see, love isn't roses or chocolates, it's not something we give. It's something we have, an energy. It's something that starts in our hearts and grows out to eventually fill the whole world around us. That's when we start to be able to love other people. Of course we need to first undo all the negative conditioning we have been fed that tells us don't be selfish (don't love yourself because then you are easier to control) and life is about giving to others (making you weak and pliable in the hands of the corporations). When we start to let go of this, love can blossom. Love from inside our hearts, and a true understanding of our value as human beings. There is nothing more attractive than someone who loves themselves. Because as humans our instincts tell us that if someone else loves something, it's worthy of love. Why do you think people eat disgusting stuff like oysters and caviar?!? When you, a manifestation of goddess, god or perhaps some hermaphroditic entity that defies definition, stands tall and feels the self love, who can resist you? We will all be falling at your feet. I want to tell you that you don't need to wait in the shadows for someone else to recognise your self worth, compromising yourself to make them happy, because you will never be respected that way. Take the leap of faith and believe in yourself. If something doesn't feel right, it isn't. Love yourself and all actions coming from an open heart, full of love, can never go wrong. Love is the most powerful energetic vibration and as long as it's your frequency, you are going to win.

Just keep faith hunni 💚

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