I know.....

I know compassion, because I have been to the place where Compassion was born. I know how to listen, because I have been ignored. I know gentleness, because I have seen brashness. I know kindness, because I have seen cruelty. I know truth, because I have been told lies. I know balance, because I have been pushed to extremes. I know peace, because I have been shown conflict. I know mercy, because I have been shown ruthlessness. I know gratitude, because I have been shown thanklessness. I know tolerance, because I have been shown prejudice. I know love, because I have been shown fear. I know Joy, because I have lived Sorrow... And Because I know these things, I can share them with you... Everything that has ever hurt me, has helped me grow into a better person, and has made me stronger. My Journey of Tears has made me a Woman of Courage... A Woman of Strength! ❤💛💜💙💚

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