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How we can make a change in the world

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet- Mahatma Gandhi

ૐ Regardless of what’s going on in the world around us, no matter our race or colour, whether we‘re rich or poor, we always have some level of choice... choices are incredibly powerful.

ૐ Remember this: Whatever we focus on, grows... When we focus on all the negativity in the world, we are allowing it to infect our minds and we are perpetuating the problem... Lower vibrations feed off our despair.

ૐ It’s not about denying the existence of negativity, it’s about acknowledging it, but then choosing to do all we can to rise above it.

ૐ Our mind is like a garden... We can either nurture it, caring for its needs allowing it to become a verdant oasis or we can neglect it, then it becomes a dry and barren place where nothing beautiful grows.

ૐ It’s not always easy in this world of powerfully negative influences, we need to have strong boundaries and ninja reflexes. When shit is going down, that’s when our vigilance is needed most. Empower yourself and in doing so, you are raising the collective consciousness to a higher frequency. Your actions matter! 🙏💚🌏✨

ૐ TIPS TO BEGIN * Start small - it’s important not to overwhelm yourself by attempting to do too much all at once * Gratitude - every day spend time listing all the things that you can be grateful for. It’s the simple stuff that we can build upon. Like smelling a flower, feeling the sun on your skin, listening to a birdsong... you get the idea! * Random acts of kindness * Spend time in nature * Plant a garden - start planting trees * Listen to your intuition * Reduce your waste * Purchase consciously * Eating high vibrational foods - fruits, vegetables, salads etc * Drink plenty of water * Catch yourself - if you notice yourself going down rabbit-holes of negative thinking, don’t get angry at yourself, just acknowledge where you’re at and then replace the thought. ૐ

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