How are you feeling?

Are you feeling drained, hard to motivate yourself, wound up, stuck or just a bit blah?

Well I am here to explain how the energy field around your body which is called an aura is affected.

💫These are clear signs that its time to cleanse your Aura.

Yes you can book in for one of my reiki or chakra balancing massage but below are some at home tips.

At home tips for your aura

❤️More frequent,shorter showers - two or three times a day

❤️ Take your shoes off and walk on the ground outside or sand at beach

❤️Himalayan salt bath or soak your feet in one

❤️Running a crystal point over your Aura from head to toe (don't forget to sage your space after this).

Give any one of these a try next time you feel blah

If you can't shift this feeling, be sure to book in for a Reiki or Crystal Healing session.


Lisa 💚🤗💫🙏

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