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Forgive yourself

Forgive yourself right now so you can make peace with the past and free up your mental and emotional energy to do greater things. You have a choice right now to decide that you are no longer going to allow the past or people who have done you wrong to steal your precious energy today.

Even the mistakes you made or the things you did or didn’t do shouldn’t keep you away from using your precious life force right now to create a new reality for yourself.

Everything that has happened to us only gives us lessons, experience and awareness to do better. You shouldn’t remain stagnant playing something mentally and emotionally that no longer exists in your life. You shouldn’t be drained by the past because you aren’t consciously deciding to focus your energy on what you want instead. Make peace with the past.

Make peace with what might seem like missed opportunities or lost chances. You might not be able to go back, but you can do something new today. You still have a chance to create the life you want and live the experiences you desire.

Each time you think what if or should have/could have you steal from this moment where you CAN change your life.

Today I want you to forgive yourself.

Today I want you to make peace with your past. I want you to release the energy, thought patterns and emotions that you feed your attention to. Deny the past your current life force.

Say to yourself that you’ll no longer be depleted by what was and harness that energy into new possibilities for yourself.

Breathe through it.

Breathe deeply and release.

You are okay. It is okay. All is well.

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