For today only: do not worry

"For today only: do not worry"

(2nd Reiki level)

Unfortunately a lot of people make their decisions from a place of fear. But given fear's low vibrational negative state, it's clear that these decisions are unlikely to bear success.

👉 The opposite of fear is to LOVE, so to avoid fear, we should just love.

This is great in theory I know, but often difficult in practice. Which takes time but is doable.

If we take a look at fear, it is almost always (perhaps always) a matter of FOCUS that stops us from shifting from it.

So the quickest way out of fear is to shift our "focus" to the good things in life.

Doing such will always outweigh the bad, it's just that we can easily become obsessed with our troubles. Focusing on troubles or our worries brings us into fear mode.

In Reiki, 'gratitude' is one of the key tools for shifting focus. Starting and ending your day with gratitude trains your mind space to be positive, sending positive energy creates a boomerang of that to flow through back to you.

Whatever tool you choose, if you can maintain your focus on the good for even a few minutes, worry will diminish.

Stay safe and blessings,

Lisa 💛

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