Empathy, how YOU doing?!

I haven't posted in awhile but I think today I shall name this week Empath Week.

A lot of us folk are highly empathetic and intuitive.

What does Empath mean to you? Are you an empath? How do you protect yourself?

I use crystals, sage, Meditate and keep my protection bubble intact, I do not let my empathy control me though.

Infact I come across as the complete opposite sometimes but to those who are closed off or haven't taken the time to breathe.

This last few weeks has shown me that even tho we give and support sometimes it's taken for granted and even expected of all the time.

Don’t let my strength fool you though, when I open my bubble and start a connection with someone, I feel everything. I can read people very very quickly and will feel their emotions clearly.

My empathy is also a factor for anxiety, grounding, herbs, cooking, brewing and crystals keep me together.

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