Drop walls build boundaries

A quick blog post is coming at you about

the difference between boundaries and walls:

Walls are-

I am going to block anything that makes me feel any emotion that is even slightly uncomfortable and refuse to take responsibility for my life. I will quite likely be aggressive in doing so.i will be a child and just won't talk about it.

Boundaries are-

ok, I acknowledge that I’m feeling affected, over stimulated or triggered in some way. I need time and space to process and digest what I’m already experiencing and bring my nervous system back down to neutral. I will put boundaries in place to enable me to move through this safely and healthily so that I can grow and expand without being pushed into overwhelm and burn out. This is self respect.

Walls tend to be other person centred, designed to attack. Doesn't allow you to grow.

Boundaries are always YOU centred, designed to support you! Teaches others how to treat you.


Slow down. Step back. Breathe. Own your shit. Face your trauma. Self soothe. Nourish. Nurture. Hug a crystal. Drink some water.

Thank you for your time 💋🤗

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