Do you understand you?

To understand yourself is to better understand others, though only as far as your current perception allows.

Most people struggle with having a basic understanding of themselves.

Feeling lost, bewildered and overwhelmed by the constant barrage of noise present in this world.

The time spent outwardly searching for peace, searching for what you feel is missing from your life, is time you will see little benefit of.

Our lives are short in the scheme of eternity, but they are not insignificant.

When considering your life's purpose;

Have you given thought to Creating Purpose?

With every interaction you have has an affect.

You may not always see the effect of your influence, of sharing your energy;

Have no doubt - It is further reaching, and carries far greater meaning than we have the ability to comprehend.

Living consciously to me, means living in a state of awareness.

Aware that our thoughts and actions, have flow on significance.

The smallest of choices -

To say good morning, ask How are you;

To reach out to a person struggling, to listen to the unheard and share love with those whom feel alone.

These choices are significant, these actions are priceless to the receiver, yet cost the least.

Each life has meaning.

Each day make the decision to lead with pure intention.

Choosing to live consciously does not mean you will not have trials, it does not mean your life will be without difficulty -

But it does mean that you are able to reconcile with yourself and find Peace in your heart.

Blessings xx

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