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Difference between the two


I am always asked the difference between erotic massage and tantric massage. Firstly, they are completely different.

Here is my opinion:

Although Tantric Massage might be considered as a type of Erotic Massage (it is typically given in nakedness, all body is massaged including breast and genitals, so erogenous zones are stimulated), the tantric massage is not the typical Erotic Massage with “happy ending” (massage + masturbation).

When genitals are massaged, the intention is not masturbation in the traditional sense, just to reach orgasm, but to accompany the receiver in the knowledge of her own body, sensuality, and sexuality: sensations, reactions, and emotions.

Although if orgasm happens it is welcome, indeed in more advanced levels work can be done around orgasm to learn to control, expand and circulate the sexual energy through the whole body.

In the typical Erotic Massage, the intention in the touch is mainly to arouse sexual excitation on the receiver and the aim is pleasure and orgasm. It is more limited to the physical.

In the Tantric Massage, there is not an explicit intention in the touch. If there is an intention is just to accompany and be present with the person (conscious touch) in her process of self-knowledge and consciousness expansion.

Tantric massage is also pleasurable, and sexual excitation, if it happens, is accepted and respected with no judgment.

In the typical Erotic Massage, the masseur attitude is more sexual than sensual and loving.

In the Tantric massage, the masseur attitude is loving, almost maternal, as a channel of unconditional love to honor the person receiving the massage.

In my opinion, the main aspect that differentiates typical Erotic Massage from Tantric Massage is the aim of this last one to facilitate the receiver to enter in expanded consciousness states and meditation through pleasure and joy. So the pleasure is not the aim but the mean to awake the senses, sensuality, sensibility and to reach profound relaxation.

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