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The first thing you do when you are born is take a breath. Even before you start crying as you enter this world, you Breathe in.

Connect deeper with and understand your breath and you can transform your emotions, your health, even your consciousness.

Breath is Magic.

The Secret is in your Breath.

Notice what happens with your Breath when you are in different states of emotion, health and consciousness. How does it change based on what state you are in?

For the WOMBan....

How does your Breath change throughout your cycle?

We don’t pay enough attention to how we are breathing.

And...our diaphragms are linked with our pelvic floor

If you are facing period or fertility obstacles, the Secret could be in how you Breathe.

Reach out if you want help unlocking your Breath.

much love

Lisa 💚🙏💫

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