Come as you are 💚

CHRISTMAS, CONDITIONING & COMPASSION So many conditions are deeply ingrained within the collective psychology of western culture, causing the majority to believe Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion spent celebrating with loved ones. For so many, Christmas represents something very different... It can be an incredibly difficult time of deep loneliness and vulnerability ~ there are those who are homeless, those so impoverished they can’t afford to eat, many people don’t have any family or have lost someone dear to them, some are estranged from loved ones or unable to get home, then there’s the countless single parents who are overwhelmed with financial & emotional struggles... Some of us don’t get to spend Christmas with our children. We often feel judged, embarrassed and awkward around others... Sometimes the only way to cope, is to carry on as if it was just any other day... we do what we need to get through. It takes conscious awareness to overcome the Christmas conditioning and the expectations of others. I find that it’s absolutely essential to be compassionate with your tender heart. . It can be empowering to create stillness by going within, or spending time grounding your energy in nature and breathing deeply to manage your stress levels... It is possible to find acceptance for what is. I can speak from experience, this is something I’ve spent many years working through... . Those who are struggling don’t want your pity. Those more fortunate can make a difference through being selfless, extending a helping hand through acts of kindness and compassion. I acknowledge all of you who are having a tough time, I see you, I feel you, I honour you. 🙏 I send heartfelt love, peace and comfort to all who need it at this time.

Be kind with yourself beautiful souls.

Love & bright blessings, Lisa 💛✨

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