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Closing out 2019

As 2019 is Closing Out, What Are You Still Carrying That No Longer Serves You.

"Dead Weight" - Something You Carry Because You Either Do Not Recognise It For What It Is, Or You Do Not Know How To Drop.

Sometimes We Hold Onto Pain, Because That's All We Know - Know This Instead - You Were Not Born To Live Half A Life. Caught In A Cycle Of Indecision and Fear.

Stand Up For Yourself, For The Person You Were Born To Be.

Make Healthy Choices in What You Eat, What You Watch, Who You Share Moments of Your Life With.

Make Positive Statements About Yourself - I Am Strong , I Am Loved, I Am Fulfilling My Life's Purpose.

I Cannot Stress The Importance Of The Spoken Word Too Much!

You Think It, You Speak It Into Being! Manifest The Life You Want.

You Have The Backing of The Universal Laws - Energy is Everything.

Whatever Does Not Fit Into This Statement, Must Remove Itself or Make Itself Evident To You. Reach Out To Those You Trust For Guidance and Support - But Put The Work In!

Discipline Yourself To Take A Moment Each Day To Sit And Listen To Your Soul. The Inner Voice Which Speaks To Your Authentic Self.

Forgive Yourself For Not Treating You The Way You Should.

We Cannot Always Control What Happens In Our Sphere, But You Sure Can Control The Impact It Has Going Forward.

Live Each Day In Love, Gratitude & Forgiveness - Find Your Centre and You'll Find Your Peace.

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