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Chakras and their maps

Chakras the True Knowledge Indepth Chakras give us a map of what areas of overall intelligence we need to develop... Activating chakras take time. The very fact that you are looking for shortcuts kills the purpose of chakras and their energy. Everything in nature has a time cycle.... There are many chakras and regions in our body which the soul has to travel in order to reach it's destiny in this human life. The seven chakras or plexus are the store house of energy and power... Kundalini is the mind which is energy traveling as waves like a serpent, should cross all these love wheels connected to 7th lotus flower in the head called Sahasrara, which is Buddhi or intelligence that takes decision, which is the firm love on God... Importance of Chakras given below.. 1) ROOT CHAKRA – When you feel grounded and safe, you feel like you belong and are able to be a more responsible partner... 2) SACRAL CHAKRA – When balanced, your creativity and sexuality are free-flowing, and you are able to be a more romantic partner... 3) SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA – With your personal power chakra balanced and your self-love in place, you will feel the confidence necessary to find and win your soul mate... 4) HEART CHAKRA – Love and compassion, the keynotes of a balanced Heart Chakra, will help you retain your relationships, through better or worse... 5) THROAT CHAKRA – With the ability to speak your truth about your needs and wants, your relationships will be more harmonious and fulfilling... 6) THIRD EYE CHAKRA – As you increase your intuition, you will have a closer bond, not only to your higher self, but to your loved ones... 7) CROWN CHAKRA – As you channel the divine love of the universe, you will be better able to act from a place of love in all areas of your life... For personal consultation and guidance and classes contact me through my website 💚

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Powerful extract I read and really connected with me. In life we can tolerate whatever we wish to allow within our life but taking it to the level that boundaries are in is what life should be about.

The heart chakra💚 "The heart chakra is the place in our body in which we feel and express love and cooperation, positivity, hope and attachment. 💚 This chakra is also the abode of intuition, conscie

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