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Basic psychical defense techniques

BASIC PSYCHIC DEFENSE: Everything, and everyone, puts off energy. In many cases, this energy is psychic or spiritual in nature, and in some, it is negative. Negative energy is comprised of such emotions as anger, envy, depression, and stress, just to name a few. These negative energies surround us, and are a natural part of life. However, an excess of them can impact how we feel. They can effect everyone, and if one doesn’t properly understand how to protect oneself from these energies, the impact can be dramatic, even life-altering. Excessive negative energy can impact not just one’s mood, but also one’s physical health, mental health, and even spiritual growth. As human beings, we are but one resonant part of our environment, and we are especially impacted by the resonant energy of other human beings. The moods, emotions, and attitudes of others can bleed over into our lives, if we are not properly protected. Much like electrical instruments, our brains and souls function on energy. This energy is a bio-electricity that connects us to the rest of the world. Sometimes, however, our circuits become overloaded by the excess of negative energies that surround us. When this happens, it effects our ability to channel, or focus, our psychic energy to a task, and becomes necessary to get rid of the excess energy that surrounds and fills our minds. There are many ways to deal with these energies. I believe it is essential that everybody learn how to protect themselves from the harmful levels of energy around them. To do this, it is important to learn how to ground, center, and shield one’s self psychically. The exercise of grounding, centering, and shielding should be done daily, as part of either the preparation for the day or at night before bed. After a while, the exercise becomes easier to maintain the effects of, and you may not have to perform it more than once a week (or longer). However, I recommend that anyone living in a city environment continue to strengthen their shields on a daily basis, as there are so many negative energies present in city life. GROUNDING I do not give specific, step-by-step guides to grounding in this general of a discussion. That is because everyone grounds differently, and trying to follow one specific set of instructions can frustrate, thus leading to a build up, rather than a release, of negative energy. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to ground. The technique that works best for you is based on a variety of factors, including personality, elemental affinity, and personal spirituality. As you experiment with different techniques, you will find the one that is right for you, and you’ll know it because you’ll feel the difference within yourself when it is complete. Instead of providing step-by-step instructions, what I will do is to provide a few of the most common basic techniques, from which you can pick and choose pieces, or gain an understanding of the basic mechanics of grounding, in order to develop your own personal technique. The most common technique for grounding is called “the Tree of Life.” In this technique, you should stand or sit in one place, with the soles of your feet touching the ground. Close your eyes and imagine your feet as the roots of a tree, spreading deep into the soil beneath you. Breathe in. As you do, visualize clean, balanced energy (most describe it as “white light,” but it can be any color you desire) filling your body, pushing all the distracted, unbalanced energy down toward your feet. As this energy reaches your feet, imagine it being pushed out, through your roots, into the ground, where it is dispersed by the minerals of the Earth. This is one technique. Another common method of grounding is known as “Washing Away.” For some, this is the easiest method, as it requires much less time and visualization than the other, and the situation allows for privacy even in a living situation where privacy is hard to come by. For “Washing Away,” perform this grounding as part of your daily bathing routine. It works best done in a shower, though it can be performed in a bathtub, as well. While you are in the shower, soaping up, visualize the soap pulling not just the normal dirt and oils from your body, but also the all excessive energy (both negative and positive), from deep inside, up through your pores, leaving your energy levels balanced. Imagine the soap on your skin turning black with that excess energy. Then step under the water, and see that energy wash away along with the soap. Feel the chaotic, muddled thoughts clear away as the water forces them down the drain and away from you. If the water idea makes you uncomfortable, and you desire something a little more ritualistic, there is also the candle/flame grounding. In this technique, you sit before a candle or other flame source, such as a lit fireplace. Stare into the flames, allowing your vision to go soft and blurry at the edges. As you stare into the flames, focus all your tension, fear, anger or excessive energy into the flame, visualizing them being burned away in the heat of the fire. However you choose to ground out your negative energies, the method you choose will be as unique as you are. No way is wrong, as long as the ultimate goal is achieved – getting rid of excess energies. Once you are sufficiently grounded (you will know this because you’ll feel relaxed and at total peace), sit in a comfortable position for you and draw even, steady breaths in preparation for Centering. CENTERING While, over time, you will develop your own way of centering (as unique as your method of grounding), for beginners I always recommend a simple chakra exercise called “The Sacred Pillar.” To achieve this method of centering, first visualize a ball of light floating in the air above your head. This is the anchor of the pillar. Focus on the balanced energy of the light. It should feel natural, unforced. Slowly, staying focused on the ball of light, visualize it descending onto the top of your head, changing color as it activates a purple glow that surrounds and fills the crown of your head. The light continues to move downward. Follow it as the purple shifts toward blue, radiating this color most strongly as it passes over your throat. Then it continues downward, picking up yellow tones until it becomes green over your heart. The light continues from there, down the central line of your body, becoming more and more yellow, until it is a bright yellow sun radiating from your solar plexus. The yellow mutes with red tones as it slides lower, turning orange as it reaches the sacrum, in the lower stomach region, then losing all yellow cast as it becomes red around the pelvic and root area of the body. The pillar continues down, anchoring again into the ground. This sets the chakra centers of the body, and centers your energy from a focal point. SHIELDING As you visualize the rainbow of chakra light swirling around you, watch it take shape, forming a filmy barrier around your body. This is the energy boundary you will use for shielding, so it should be set so that it expands from fingertip to fingertip, across your body, when your arms are fully extended, and from a hand’s width beneath the soles of your feet to a hand’s width above the crown of your head, when standing upright. Focusing inward, draw energy into a ball of light (any color) around your heart. Then, visualize that energy slowly expanding outward, driving away any remaining unbalanced thoughts or emotions, until the energy reaches the barrier you already established. This energy is your shield, made to keep excessive negative energies from the world out. It protects you from negative influences and energies; but make sure it is permeable for balanced and healing energies. 💚 Lisa 🙏

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