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Are you on your journey?

That moment you stop and say to your soul, now, now is the time..

Change can be a lonely experience. But you aren't alone, you have YOU! The strongest being ever to handle YOU!

Transformation into the person you want to be requires a different kind of loss tho....

Loss of relationships/friendships. Loss of connections you used to have.

It almost feels like you are speaking in an another language or on another decade level.

And that is when you will feel it. The loneliness of change. But it's not loneliness.

Unexpected. Surprising. Yet necessary for your transformation to occur.

Evolution does not take place when our hearts break, but when our hearts mend. Please remember this🙏

We get confused as to why we lose our best relationships during that time. Why we have no one by our side during our moments of change?

Remember, you are on a different journey now. One that was unexpected and not planned.

The people who were with you in the past will find it hard to understand your new behavior. They will feel like they are losing you. They will say that you have changed. They will be angry that you have no time for them. But remember it is not time that you do not have. But commonalities.

Same life experiences are no longer your connection points.

So stop trying to connect when you are met with resistance.

Let it be.

Go with the flow of your transformation. Go with your truth about your self. You have other things to think about during that time.

During that lonely evolutionary time in your life, you must acquire new skills, find a new career. A new job. A new love.

A new hobby.

Take up that thing that's always intrigued you. Create a new relationship with yourself.

No time for guilt. No time for shame.

Just time to for breathing life again.

And time to embrace the new YOU. Some people will come along. Others will not. Be ok with that. It is part of your re-entry back to life. YOU'VE GOT THIS ❣️

Blessings Lisa 💋

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