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Aquarius August full moon

As we start our next covid lockdown stage we enter into when the Aquarius Full Moon lights up the sky on August 3-4th, 2020, welcoming us to the month and the building energies of the Lionsgate Portal.

Full Moons are always illuminating things, helping us to see a bigger truth and to expand our way of thinking.

If things have felt foggy or unclear, this Full Moon calls for us to look again, for perhaps this time, we will receive the answers we are looking for.

The planet of awakening and change, Uranus, is very active under this Full Moon.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, but it is also making a square or 90-degree alignment with the Sun at the time of the Full Moon. This alignment with Uranus triggers things in our lives to feel a bit shaky and unsteady. We may notice things moving and shifting around us -This energy is not there to upset our lives, rather it is there to help us remove and let go of the things no longer meant for us.

Most of us know when it’s time to let go of something or someone, but sometimes it can be hard to do so. This Full Moon asks you to clear the way. It asks you to shake up your beliefs, your ideas, your circumstances, so you can see what needs to remain.

Under this Aquarius Full Moon energy, it is better to let things shake and fall where they may, rather than trying to control.

If we surrender and go with the flow, we can allow the Universe to show us the way with grace in our hearts. This shaky energy from Uranus also serves another purpose – awakening our soul energy. When things shake and rattle us, it causes us to see things in a new light and to feel differently about ourselves and the world we live in.

This can trigger an awakening, and a coming into new knowledge and wisdom.

Uranus shakes us to awaken us, and to show us a new and higher path.

Uranus also rules over Kundalini energy, which is seen as a serpent that lives at the base of our spine.

When the serpent awakens, we can learn new things, see new things, and experience life at a different frequency. This awakening and activating energy will also be supported by the opening of the Lionsgate Portal.

The Lionsgate Portal opens every year and peaks by August 8th, however the energy will already be brewing at the time of this Full Moon.

As the Sun reaches the peak of Leo Season and we have Sirius, our Spiritual Sun high in the sky, Lionsgate is activated, sending messages, downloads, and insights to Earth. The August Full Moon will help to illuminate these energies as they grow, and if we tune in, we may start receiving downloads, intuitive wisdom, or even new ideas and inspirations to guide us on our way.

This is beautiful energy to tap into, and one that can advance us further on our path.

Open yourself to the energy and allow information to flood in. If we quiet our mind, and reach beyond our knowing, we may find new information and downloads easier to receive

Love and blessings and please keep safe over the time 🙏❤️

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