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8/8 lions gate

8/8 Lion’s Gate Sirius Portal: ReBirthing of the New Earth and the Crystalline Galactic Human

Saturday, August 8th will be the peak of the Lion’s Gate Sirius Portal (the alignment completes on Wednesday, August 12th). This is a Multidimensional alignment of Harmonic Resonance with the Blue Star Sirius, the Earth, our Sun and the Great Central Sun. It’s precipitating great changes in consciousness on Mother Earth and in our lives. There’s an acceleration and expansion of Christ Consciousness greatly assisting this Sirian Stargate, and it’s a time of increased Cosmic Galactic energy between the physical and spiritual realms. The Royal Lion’s of this Stargate will be guiding us.

As these new higher frequencies flood the planet, the old paradigm will continue to dismantle and collapse. We are releasing old karmic patterns that no longer serve us so that we can create a new space for Peace, Love and Unity. This is a ReBirthing of the New Earth and the Crystalline Galactic Human.

This powerful gateway is in the constellation of Leo with Regulus at the heart of the Lion and is here to assist us with opening our Hearts for deep cleansing and healing. Lots of unexpected change is happening - this is part of the Ascension Journey and coming into a deeper connection with our Hearts and an increased capacity to Love and be Loved. As we continue to experience this massive Spiritual awakening and embodiment of new Light codes, we are being initiated into a new and higher level of existence.

Some history about this Sirius Portal From Celia Fenn (Deep Gratitude):

“In Ancient Egypt, in the post Atlantean civilization that sprang up on the banks of the Nile, the heliacal rising of Sirius, as it is known, also marked the time when the Nile River rose, due to rains in Central Africa, and flooded the plains of Egypt so that crops could be grown. The rising of the waters signified the return of Abundance and Blessings to the land, and this was also associated with Sirius and it's helical rising in the East.

Sirius has long been a guiding light and force in the Evolution of the Earth. There were many powerful Star Teachers that came to the Earth to assist Humanity, and they were believed to be "gods". These teachers included the Beings known as Isis and Osiris, who brought the arts of agriculture and learning to the peoples of Ancient Egypt to assist them to reconstruct their world after the trauma of the Atlantean catastrophe. And now,at this time, we are told that the Sirian Master Teachers are returning to our world to assist us with aligning our frequencies with the incoming Diamond Light that is raising the frequency of our Planet and of Humanity.”

As challenging as life may seem during these changing times, trust that you have the strength, courage and power (the sign of Leo) to move through any obstacles on your path. A new chapter of greater Peace and Harmony is in reach. Remember to be gentle and kind with yourself and others. These energies are rather intense....a major shaking up and great Awakening is taking place. Give yourself the space to rest and nurture yourself, we need time to integrate these incoming frequencies.

Call upon your Higher Soul Self, your Angels & Guides to help you navigate any bumps in the road. Honor the Mighty Force that you were born as who came to the Earth plane to share your Brilliant Light!! ✨ We’ve got this!!!✨


“I am the Master of my life.”

“I am one with the Universe.”

“I believe in myself and the power of the Creator.”

“I open my heart and spread my wings towards truth.”

“I am making growth with ease and grace.”

“I am deeply Grateful for all of the Love and support in my Life.”

“May the Spiritual Consciousness within awaken in Love and in Wisdom.”

Sacred Mantra in honor of Mother Sekhmet:

Sa Sekhem Sahu

Sa Sekhem Una

Breath of Life

Sacred Might

Come into me

Many Bright Blessings <3

From my Heart to yours

Stay safe

Lisa 💛

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